Cyclus2 performance ergometer.

Real world-cycling experience – Mobile – Packed with high-spec. technology

More than 700 universities, institutes, sports scientists, sports medicine specialists, coaches and cyclists worldwide work with the Cyclus2. Cyclus2 ergometers are developed and built in Germany by RBM elektronik-automation GmbH.

See why Cyclus2 ergometer is different

Looking to improve your testing and training ergometry technology, or to replace or complement your existing equipment? Contact us to discuss how Cyclus2 can help with your testing, training or research.

Advanced Cycling Science Ltd – Exclusive Distributor of Cyclus2 (UK & Ireland)

At Advanced Cycling Science Ltd we are passionate about performance, research, cycling and physiological testing. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality experience to our customers from quote to after-sales.  We do everything to get you as enthusiastic as we are about Cyclus2 ergometers.

Advanced Cycling Science Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Cyclus2 in the UK & Ireland.